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Moulins, Town of Art and History

Founded in 990, Moulins experienced a real boom when it was at the head of the Bourbon Duchy from 1327 to 1527. Headed by Pierre II and Anne of France, the eldest daughter of Louis XI, the court was heaving with artists of all kinds. Today Moulins is brimming with signs of the times of the Dukes, a heritage for you to discover with the town’s guide-lecturers.

Wander through the cobbled streets of the historical quarter where timber-framed houses rub shoulders with hotels and grand period property! Discover the Chapelle de la Visitation with its recently restored remarkabl  See more

Allier river kept its wild character

This is a unique waterway in Europe, the Allier river is brimming with wild character. It shows off the best of its personality when it crosses the Bourbon area: its wide meanders change at the will o  See more


Souvigny, Cluny's eldest daughter

Aimard, the first known ancestor of the Bourbons, donated in 916 to the abbot, Bernon of Cluny, his Souvigny "villa" and the church devoted to Saint Peter.
Thus, ten years on from th  See more

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